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Ordering and installation

Do you offer trial versions of your games?

No, but we do offer an unconditional 7 day money back guarantee! If you're not satisfied with the game for whatever reason, let us know within 7 days and we'll cheerfully refund your purchase.

The installer is asking for a password, where do I find it?

The password is the same as your registration code, which was sent to you in an email when you ordered. If you've lost your code, you can look it up online.

I lost my game, my computer died, I upgraded my machine ... how do I get it back?

You can download your game again and find out your install password if you look up your order information online.

Note that this only works for orders placed directly through Wildfire. If you bought a game from one of our resellers (eg AOL, Yahoo, Big Fish Games) then please contact their customer support.

If you're still experiencing difficulty, then by all means contact support.


I'm experiencing technical problems with a game (eg graphics bugs) - how do I fix them?

The first step (for Windows users) is to make sure you have the latest version of DirectX. This is available from Microsoft.

If your game has recently stopped working, try to determine what other software or hardware you may have changed that could be affecting things. Sometimes running other applications at the same time can have an adverse effect. Try closing email programs, chat programs, and especially other games!


Are there any cheat codes for Tumblebugs?

No. Sorry!

But I can't get past round X-Y! What do I do?

Perserverance is the key. And...

  • Keep an eye out for the powerups and make it a priority to go for them.

  • A round finishes when you earn a set number of points, so the more you score, the quicker you'll finish.

  • A good way to get points is to go for chain bonuses. Rotating colors on Tumble's back will not reset your current chain bonus, and neither will firing bugs off the screen. You can use these to help make long chains.

  • Make pairs first. While there are lone colored bugs in the line, favor turning them into pairs. Once you've done that, you'll find you get lots more chain bonuses.

  • And finally... it's a little known fact that if you shoot a Star Bug at a launcher swapper (the blue sparkly circles on the rounds with two launch positions) then you'll get your Star Bug right back again...

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